How is Apollo Munich health insurance?

On the 22nd on June as they have a grace period to renew the policy. At the time of purchasing policy. the 23rd of july and i had a word with them yesterday again, somebody called me today and started explaining about an email which was sent on the 5th of Every time i tried to get this fixed they sent me email with AMHI number and reference and never issued my policy.

much frustrated that i had to ask for a refund of my premium that i had paid to them. Today when the agent called me he took my refund request a.s.a.p as if he was already prepared to do it without looking for a conclusion to issue the policy.

If i book my health insurance with a new company now they will charge me a high premium as now i have got a pre-existing medical condition. any other medical conditions from the past. While making a claim you must ensure your claim form has all the required information.

Twice I have claimed and it was a seamless experience. Munich (now HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Ltd), highly recommended.

Please suggest how to deal any other medical conditions from the past with improper explanation. They are one of the first set of stand alone “health insurers” in India and have introduced many innovative products in the indian market.

but not familiar in south India this is my ideas decide its your own. So I lodged a complaint about it through email, chat service, and call. It has been three weeks since the day I lodged a complaint and they haven't yet solved my issue.

This has been happening for almost 3 weeks. It becomes hard for to tell which is good actually.

I got best service from the company. Here’s the snap of reimbursement details.

We buy policy looking at premium and not exclusions. Health insurance is a financial goal which is to be achieved and not a expense which is to be incurred.

and deny claims. It will deny only if the claim is outside the scope of coverage which we don't read while selecting the 'CHEAPEST' policy..

Kenko provides coverage for every small and big medical expense and there are no hidden terms and condition.

OPD expenses like doctor consultation fees, lab tests and medicines are all covered under Kenko Health plan making it the best amongst all.
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