Is a bad faith insurance attorney the same as a personal injury attorney?

 The plaintiff in a personal injury settlement. The personal injury lawyer would by necessity have to be able to evaluate the worth of this portion of the settlement.

No. A personal injury attorney represents a client who has been injured because of the (alleged) negligence of someone else, e.g.

A “bad faith insurance attorney” will pursue insurance companies that contract to pay their insured in case of a loss, but then, when a loss covered by the policy occurs, refuse “in bad faith” to pay the claim.

These are very difficult cases. They aren’t often brought and, when the plaintiff’s attorney prevails, the verdict is usually huge.

I don’t think my feelings rose to hate, exactly. But I was dismayed when I called an opposing attorney on a case a month in advance of a scheduled hearing to request a two-week continuance, because that was the only time my cardiologist could schedule a significant procedure for me.

I thought it over, and said, “Let me tell you a story.” I related the prior situation, and I concluded, “I assume the attorney didn’t tell you this before asking you to make this call.”

The associate admitted this was true.

“If this were purely about doing him a favor,” I continued, “I’d say no.

None of you deserve to suffer because your boss was a jerk. That’s all I needed to hear,” I responded. “I agree to the continuance. I do hope you understand my point.”

“I do,” she said. There was a pause, and she continued, “Thank you. I learned something It might be accurate to describe them as analogous to train wrecks.

the progress of their case, to treat them with respect, etc. There are also oftentimes hidden fees for clients of personal injury claims to be cautious of.

On this note, attorneys may take a chunk of a very seriously injured individual’s share of money that is too large.

have the ability to lie or exaggerate, etc.

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