Where can I find a reputable business liability insurance agent in New York?

  Generally you will find coverage for product liability under a general liability policy. If you have a policy already you need to also speak with your agent or you can call the company and ask directly.

Every business, in every industry, and of every size should consider adding cyber insurance to their portfolio. Cyber liability is designed to cover many forms of loss and liability a business could be exposed to in its everyday use of technology, such as risks associated with

I know nurses who believe their facilities liability insurance will protect them, but in reality that is to protect the facility. I have seen instances where a facility wanted to point liability to a nurse or supervisor until their lawyer appeared, and then the whole narrative changes.

I would call around to peer businesses in your geographic location and find out who they do business with, what the experience has been, what carrier they have, and what recommendations they would give a start-up?

In this case, the professional is operating as a Sole Proprietor.

Many professions lead to individuals operating as a Sole Proprietor:



Graphic Designers

Investment Advisors

Management Consultants

Software Developers

However, there are legitimate reasons why an individual would want to protect themselves by operating their business within a separate entity. Incorporating or forming an Limited Liability Company (Partnership) has numerous advantages

only person working inside that entity.

Thanks for the A2A.

Commercial General Liability is sold by the year. We don't know what you do, so I am going to have to guess at the rating factor for your liability policy.

At worse take the annual price, divide it by 52 to get the weekly rate & then divide by the normal # of work days in a week to get the daily rate.

THAT is why an intelligent person will contact an insurance agent to obtain the proper coverage.

The actual insurance company such as Liberty Mutual Insurance, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Hartford Lloyds Insurance Company and so on.

Sometimes the divorced spouse will attempt to bring a claim forth.

If you have minor children involved from 2 or more women. To add to the headache, you can possibly have bystander claims.

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